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To build a bespoke website from scratch costs several thousands of pounds. The Exit Committee avoids this unnecessary expense by making use of software easily available on the internet, adapting it to a client’s specific needs in a cost effective way.

The Exit Committee is a collaboration between two experienced professionals who between them offer the complete package for businesses in need of a new website.

I’d just like to thank you both for the fabulous work you created for our website! I was chuffed with the way Gwen captured the history of our work combined with our travels and put it all together. The website design & photography totally showed the beauty of what we work hard to achieve in taste and presentation.

Louisa Taylor

Director, Taylors Catering


Tim Wadham is a talented street photographer who also has a flair for web design. His stunning images and technical expertise can elevate a website from average to awesome.

Former Editor Gwen Lardner has over 20 years’ experience as a writer and now runs her own communications agency, giving strategic direction to organisations on how to position their brand to connect big ideas to ever bigger audiences. Gwen writes all the content for Exit Committee websites, employing her unique way with words to bring products and services to life.

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